Product number: HVT12

This system contains all the necessary parts to undertake free and forced vibration, resonance and damping. A beam pivots at one end from a bracket and bearing attached to the HVT12F Vibration Frame. A spring is attached to the free end of the beam to enable the beam to vibrate. The horizontal position of the spring can be adjusted using the integral adjustment system, and vibration travel is restricted via factory set "stops".

The beam can vibrate freely by displacing the free end by a known amount, or alternatively the beam can be forced to vibrate using the supplied Motor Exciter. The motor exciter has integral imbalanced masses, which when rotated excites the beam to vibrate. The excitation frequency of the beam is controlled using the HAC110 Speed Controller and its output displayed with the HAC90 Tachometer. The excitation frequency and beam displacement are both fed into the HVT12K Data Acquisition System. 

Damping can be introduced into the system by using the set of damping discs, damping tank and damping media provided. The damping discs have adjustment which allows the amount of damping to be altered. A damping absorber is also supplied that attaches to the beam, and can be adjusted to offset the resonance frequency of the system. 

A set of calibrated weights is supplied to vary the weight of the vibrating system.


Specifications and resources

Frame measures 1380mm (L) x 1080mm (H) x 310mm (W) Approx.
Beam: 25.4(W) x 12.7(H) x 840(L)mm, coated steel
Beam: 2.1kg (approx)
4 x Springs: spring rates 2.5, 0.75, 1.5, 3.0N/mm
HAC120 Motor Exciter: Mass 5.1kg (approx)
HVT12k: Two channel digital oscilloscope with data acquisition software
8 x 5N weights
HVT12D: Spring steel beam: 590(L) x 25.4(W) x 1.6(H)mm