Quality today

The PA Hilton portfolio is designed by our specialist in-house team of R & D engineers, ensuring every product is cutting-edge and ready to lead the next generation of engineering students.

Primary considerations are that the products are user-friendly and durable enough to withstand class after class of inquisitive undergraduates. Every unit is individually tested by experienced technicians before being shipped to laboratories around the globe.

On-site installation, commissioning services and staff training sessions are available and operating manuals, considered among the best in the industry, include not only procedure but also theory and detailed experiments and hand-outs.

We are affiliated to the Building Engineering Services Association  (BESA)  and the Engineering Training Equipment Manufacturers Association UK (ETEMA UK) and all applicable PA Hilton products are CE marked and meet the essential requirements of EU Directives. 

Quality tomorrow

Value is a primary PA Hilton portfolio objective which we deliver in a host of ways ensuring product longevity and development potential.

Many of our products are modular in design allowing customers to plan additions over time, to extend, update and upgrade equipment assets as budget allows and technology dictates.

As a long-established business with a first-class reputation we not only manufacture products built to last, we also are committed to developing add-on units and supporting products, recording information and offering spares and accessories for as long as possible,

PA Hilton is a brand which lecturers return to time and again.  Having experienced our products during their own careers, they know they can trust the theory, practical application and quality of our product portfolio.