Product number: 801

Model 801 is one of a range of trainers designed to provide instruction in specific topic areas that trainees are required to study as part of most Refrigeration and Air Conditioning courses.

The unit is mounted on a steel frame with stainless steel panels and comprises an open type compressor with air cooled condenser and clear plastic evaporator.

A variety of different flow controls can be selected and the operation with each type of control studied, including liquid return to the compressor.

All the flow controls and the high and low pressure switches are adjustable by the student to enable basic studies in the control of vapour compression refrigeration.

A standard Student Tool Kit, Test and Service Equipment Package and Maintenance and Student Practice Package are available as optional items.

Specifications and resources

High pressure switch Cut Out Pressure: 12 bar gauge
High pressure switch Re-start pressure: 10.5 bar gauge
Low pressure switch Cut Out Pressure: 0.2 bar gauge
Low pressure switch Re-Start pressure: 1.8 bar gauge
Relief valve operating pressure: 13 bar gauge