Product number: H102D

The H102D Jacketed Vessel with Coil and Stirrer allows batch and flow processes to be examined with and without the use of a stirrer. In addition both jacket and coil heating methods may be investigated. The H102D is to be used with the Heat Exchanger Service Module H102 and locate on studs on the H102 fascia.

The vessel consists of a glass cylinder with annular jacket. Threaded hose connectors allow the jacket to be filled with hot fluid for indirect heating of the vessel contents. Alternatively, a glass coil submerged beneath the contents of the vessel may be used to indirectly heat the contents by passing hot fluid through the coil.

An adjustable overflow tube allows the level of the contents of the vessel to be controlled. The vessel contents may be operated in ‘Fixed Batch’ mode or ‘Flow Process’ mode. A height-adjustable thermocouple allows the temperature to be measured at any depth in the fluid batch and is connected to the panel indicator and the optional HC102 Data Acquisition upgrade (if available).

Flexible hoses allow the hot and cold streams from the H102 base unit to be coupled to the jacket, the coil and the vessel. The Cold connections are made during installation of the H102D and need not be disturbed during experiments.

Specifications and resources

Vessel wall inside diameter: Ø152.4mm
Vessel wall outside diameter: Ø154.2m
Coil tube outside diameter: Ø6.3mm
Coil tube bore diameter: Ø4.9mm
Effective length of coil tube: 1150mm