Product number: HAC10

With the large range of Hilton units there are a number of individual units designed to be wall or frame mounted. The HAC10 is a sturdy frame of aluminium construction suitable for fixing a large proportion of the Hilton wall mountable units. This offers a practical alternative to fixing an experiment to the wall when wall space is at a premium. The HAC10 optimises the use of limited laboratory space by offering a compact experiment-mounting platform.

The bench stand comes fitted with adjustable tilting feet to enable the frame to be levelled accurately prior to use. The unit incorporates a pair of adjustable support arms, these can be repositioned depending on the apparatus intended to be supported. Sliding fixing nuts are incorporated into the support arms to allow full versatility for use with Hilton units that can be mounted.

An aluminium plate is fixed to the bottom of the unit to allow storage for equipment during testing, to aid assembly a comprehensive Instruction manual and tools are supplied as standard.

Specifications and resources

40mm levelling feet
2 x pulley supplied
30 x 30 aluminium profile
232mm x 225mm flat shelf