Product number: RE5801

A small (500mm diameter) wind turbine is connected to a charge controller and a supplied 12V deep cycle lead acid gel battery.

To allow investigation of the wind generator inside the laboratory a small but powerful axial fan is supplied that will allow the generator to be run up to a realistic speed. The 500mm diameter wind turbine can generate up to 25W at 19 knots (approximately 10 m/s).

Optional instrumentation and accessories (which can alternatively be locally sourced) are available to investigate the detailed performance the wind generator and the use of DC power for practical applications. A mounted voltmeter is supplied as standard.


Specifications and resources

Wind turbine: Ø500mm, 25W @ 19knots (approx.10m/s)
Ambient Noise Level of Room at 1.5m from equipment:30DB (equipment switched off)
Ambient Noise Level of Room at 1.5m from equipment = 78-79DB (equipment switched on)
Integral charge control system provides overload protection and battery protection
Low voltage operation
Electronic cut-outs and fuses fitted