Product number: P372/415

The ramjet, the simplest concept of aircraft propulsion, consists of an almost cylindrical duct, open at both ends. It relies on its forward speed to ram air into the forward opening. Fuel is burnt inside the duct to accelerate the air stream, which together with the products of combustion, issues from the rear as a high velocity jet. The change in momentum in the engine provides the propulsive force.

Also supplied is a pulsejet engine, which utilises a cyclic combustion process but is unique in design in that like the ramjet, it has no moving parts.

The Hilton P372 Jet Propulsion Test Stand will provide interesting and instructive experimental activity for all students studying thermodynamics and propulsion and will be of particular interest to those studying.

Specifications and resources

Fully instrumented test stand able to measure engine balance (1), pressure (3), flue flow (2), temperature (2), pressure (2)
Ram jet engine 127mm diameter, 390mm in length
Pulse jet engine 185mm in length
Test stand measures 1760mm (H), 910mm (D) 3050mm (W) approx.'
Includes standalone air supply