In structural engineering one has to deal with anisotropic and non-homogeneous materials such as timber and concrete, and various combinations of materials like reinforced concrete or sandwich boards with soft centres and hard outer layers.  In most cases it is necessary to test full size real samples of these products, as it is not feasible to reduce the size of the components from which the materials are made without altering the interaction or bond between them.  Hence for structural engineering and building technology a testing facility of considerable size and load is required.

The “MAGNUS” Universal Test Frame was developed over 30 years ago to provide a simple, versatile, safe and strong testing facility for laboratories. “Full Scale” specimens can be made and tested within this test frame, for example concrete and its reinforcement are obvious cases where it is not possible to use small models.

There are now well over one hundred of these frames around the world, being used for all manner of tests in addition to the range of teaching experiments supplied.