Product number: H112R

A bench top accessory designed to allow students to experimentally investigate one of the methods available to convert heat energy directly into work.

The engine consists of a water cooled power cylinder and a transfer cylinder connected via a common duct. A single acting power piston and double acting displacer piston are connected to a flywheel. The cycle of the engine consists of two isothermal processes and two constant volume processes. Heat to expand the captive gas charge and drive the power piston is provided by an electrical element controlled from the standard instrumentation console.

As the unit is water cooled, unlike competing models, the Hilton H112R can operate continuously. A belt brake dynamometer allows the mechanical output of the engine to be measured. Control and measurement of the heater input power and shaft output torque and speed allows system overall performance to be measured at a range of speeds and heater temperatures. The standard instrumentation console allows heater input and system temperatures to be recorded.

Specifications and resources

Engine works to 600°C
Utilises a 600 watt heater
Maximum engine speed 400 RPM (unloaded)
Automatic heater control
Measures mechanical torque & power