Product number: HAC20

This two-channel strain gauge module allows connection of two strain gauge bridge arrangements as standard. A further 16 channels can be made available when the HAC20 module is connected to the HAC20M 16 channel switching module.

The HAC20 and HAC20M module accept strain gauge bridge arrangements in ¼, ½ or full bridge configurations, with bridge completion resistors being made available internally of the unit.

Each channel can be configured to the necessary strain gauges by adjusting the gauge configuration and gauge factor. Each channels configuration is stored in a non-volatile memory, which can be retrieved upon unit power down.

User-friendly menu options and set-up procedure have been designed in.

Each channel value can be displayed via a 3.5 digit display and selected using a front panel selector switch. The display shows readings in the range of ±2000 microstrain with a resolution of ±1microstrain. Each channel can be zeroed using the x1 or x20 tare function buttons on the front panel.

A rear output socket is available for analysing the raw signal from the strain gauges.

The unit is powered using a dual voltage power supply. The unit can also be run from the internal battery, which is charged when running the unit from the mains power source.

A comprehensive Instruction manual details all operational and set-up procedure for the unit.

The unit is rugged and robust for use around the laboratory, and can be used on a level surface.

Specifications and resources

Touch button operation
16 x 2 line back lit display
Channel selection
Range: ±2000 microstrain, ±1 microstrain resolution
Tare function
15Vdc operating voltage
Single BNC analogue output (±80mV range)
Removable fuse