Product number: F110

The Hilton F110 Pressure Measurement Bench allows students to investigate measurement of one of the fundamental parameters that will be present in almost every branch of engineering and physics.

A bench top, panel mounted U tube and inclined tube manometer together with a positive pressure Bourdon tube pressure gauge and compound (positive and negative) pressure gauge. A means of creating measureable pressures is also provided.

The manometers allow investigation of the use of U and inclined tubes for pressure measurement and demonstrate the use of fluids of different density. All of the manometers and the panel mounted pressure gauges may be interconnected and linked to the common pressure source supplied.

The action of the supplied pressure source may be reversed to generate pressures below atmospheric pressure. This allows the concept of “gauge” and absolute pressure to be investigated.



Specifications and resources

Compound Bourdon Tube: -50 to +50 mBar
Bourdon Tube: 0 to +60 mBar
Linear manometer scale: 1mm resolution