Product number: F823S

Available as an optional extra, the F823S Solar Panels and Installation Kit provides all the components necessary to run the F823 from natural solar radiation, where conditions are suitable.

Customers are expected to carry out the installation work and to provide a simple framework to support the panel.

The kit includes 2 high efficiency collecting panels, a water flow meter and thermocouples (to be connected to the F823 Temperature Indicator) and all necessary connecting pipework and fittings.

All F823 machines are factory fitted with external unions, a pump and a diverter valve, which enable the unit to be quickly connected to a solar energy hot water system. The standard resistance heater may be switched on to augment the solar input when necessary.

Please note that the panels and frames shown are not to scale

Specifications and resources

Two type K thermocouples
30m coil of 12.7mm external dia. copper tube
30m thermal insulation