Product number: F865

The reciprocating air compressor is a fundamental subject for thermodynamic analysis and study. The process of induction and compression is a cyclic one. However by the use of a large reservoir on intake and discharge the system can be examined as a steady flow process.

A floor standing unit with belt driven two stage reciprocating air compressor that may be operated as a single stage, two stage, or two stage with and without intercooling system. Instrumentation allows the drive power to be measured together with the motor speed.

Compressor speed is measured through the fixed pulley ratio between the drive motor and compressor. The intake air passes through an orifice for flow measurement to a vessel that reduces intake pulsations and allows various intake conditions to be established. Valves allow an intercooler between the low and high pressure stages to be included or removed from the circuit to demonstrate and investigate comparative performance.

Valves also allow the unit to be operated in single stage or two stage mode with and without intercooling. The 1st stage and 2nd stage pressures are indicated on gauges and all of the relevant system temperatures are recorded by thermocouple sensors connected to multiple selector switches and a digital temperature indicator.

The flow measurement orifice is connected to a panel mounted manometer to allow differential pressure measurement.

Air is delivered to a receiver fitted with a high pressure cut out and relief valve for operator safety. A throttle valve allows discharge pressure to be controlled and adjusted.

The F865 unit is available either with, or without Computerised Data Acquisition (data logging).


Specifications and resources

Working Pressure: max 10bar gauge
Temperature Range: ambient – 180°C approx.
Motor power: 3kW
Pressure vessel capacity: 200L
Two Cylinder Compressor
Low Pressure Cylinder: Bore 95mm; Stroke 50mm
High Pressure Cylinder: Bore 50mm; Stroke 50mm
Six temperature Measuring points
Noise levels measured around the apparatus. (*These will vary dependent upon specific installation. Measurement parameters: 0.5m @45°):
at operator's ear level 100.2db;
in front of the apparatus 96.3db;
back the apparatus 102.5db;
left-hand side of the apparatus 97.9db;
right-hand side of the apparatus 98.4db;
at exhaust of the vessel. 106.3db