Product number: A660/415/AC

A fully data acquisitioned A660 Air conditioning Laboratory Unit, with all the functionality of the A660 standard unit, but computer linked. Upgrades may be added at any stage in the unit’s long life to spread the investment costs. The key parameters of the A660 are captured on the data acquisition system supplied, and viewed and recorded on the software. All connections to the data acquisition system are factory configured so that you do not have to undertake this.

Configuration files are supplied with the system to allow quick and easy installation and operation of the data acquisitioned A660.

Specifications and resources

Data Acquisitioned Parameters:
11 x Temperature (Dry, Wet, Refrigerant)
4 x Pressure (1 x Duct, 3 x refrigerant)
1 x Refrigerant Flow rate
2 x Voltage (Mains, fan)
1 x Current (Compressor)
6 x Logic Control
Psychrometric condition measured before and after each process by high precision wet and dry bulb sensors with 0 to 100% RH measurement capability.
Airflow is adjustable to at least 0.14m3/s.
Switchable heating up to 4kW.
Switchable steam injection up to 5kW electrical equivalent.
Cooling is by a fully instrumented vapour compression cycle with nominally 2kW capacity.