Product number: RE551

A flat plate solar collector similar to those used for heating swimming pools or domestic hot water is mounted on an adjustable frame. The unit is designed for internal or external operation. For internal operation an artificial solar source is available as an optional extra.

An instrumentation and water circulating console is attached to the panel under test via flexible hoses and this displays the circulating water flow, flow and return temperatures, ambient temperature and incident solar radiation.

The operating temperature of the system is adjusted by a flow of cooling water and this allows investigation of performance over a range of operating conditions.

The incident solar energy is measured using a solarimeter and this together with the other measured parameters allows the performance and efficiency of the system to be measured under all operating conditions. A compass and adjustable level indicator are supplied to allow adjustment of the panel on site.

Specifications and resources

Extruded Frame
Lockable castor wheels on two corner
Protractor with integral level; 1° increments
Panel: 1500(L) x 1170(W) mm
Solarimeter Digital Display
Digital Temperature Indicator
Thermocouple selector switches