Product number: R515

A heat pump is a machine whose prime function is to absorb heat from a low grade source, and to deliver heat at a useful temperature, e.g. suitable for space heating or domestic hot water.

The R515 Hilton Mechanical Heat Pump has been designed to allow students to obtain an overall understanding and appreciation of the performance and characteristics of a heat pump working on the vapour compression cycle and having an electrically driven compressor, and is suitable for all course levels, from vocational to undergraduate.

The low grade heat source is air from the atmosphere.

Heat delivered by the unit is in the form of water at up to 55°C depending upon source (air) temperature.

The work input is in the form of electrical energy supplied to a hermetically sealed compressor.

This unit also incorporates internal coupling points and adapters that allow installation of the Optional RC515A Computerised Data Acquisition Upgrade.

Specifications and resources

Refrigerant: R134a (HFC134a).
Panel: High quality ABS.
Compressor: Fully hermetic single cylinder reciprocating type. Displacement 8.85 cm³ rev­­­¯¹
Condenser: Refrigerant to water. Efficient plate type heat exchanger.
Liquid Receiver: With valves. Contains entire refrigerant charge if required.
Evaporator: Air to refrigerant. Serpentine copper tube with aluminium fins and with integral fan.
Digital Thermometer: Resolution 0.1°C, with switch to select from six thermocouples.
Flow Meters x 2: Variable area type – to indicate R134a and H2O flow rates.
Pressure Gauges x 2: To indicate R134a pressures in evaporator and condenser.
Electrical Energy Meter: Watt-hour type recording electrical input to the compressor using Digital Wattmeter
Safety Features:
- Condenser high pressure switch and compressor thermal overload switch.
- Residual current circuit breaker.
- Combined double pole main switch and overload cut out.