Product number: HB100G

The HB100G consists of a clear plastic cylinder in which a nozzle is housed. Pressurized water from the HB100 is forced through the nozzle that’s aimed at a deflector on the upper surface.

The impact of this jet of water causes a force on the deflector which magnitude depends on the shape and efficiency of the deflector. To measure the force exerted, a small load cell is connected to the top of the unit which connects to a digital display. To adjust the impact of the jet upon the deflectors, the flow rate of the water can be adjusted from the base unit. Conical (male & female), flat and hemispherical deflectors are supplied. The deflectors can easily be changed by detaching the load cell module.

After impact, the water drains to the bottom of the enclosure and runs back into the storage tank of the HB100. This creates a sealed system in which the water is recycled. To ensure that the load cell is central with respect to the nozzle, screw adjustments are incorporated into the mounting point.

The optional HB100K Flowmeter Module is required for operation of this module.

Specifications and resources

Flat Deflector: 90°
Hemispherical deflector: 180°
Convex Deflector: 60°
Deflector diameter: 48mm
Digital Force Display: 0.01N resolution