Product number: HAC20K

The HAC20K is a complete strain gauge kit, which contains all necessary components to enable strain gauging to be successfully completed.

Housed in a durable, portable case, the kit contains the following core items:

- 3 types of strain gauges, in varying gauge lengths (10 gauges per gauge length. 30 gauges supplied in total with kit)
- Adhesive to bond gauges to substrate
- 3 different types of terminals for connecting strain gauges to larger cables (100 off, 200 off and 200 off respectively supplied)
- Soldering iron
- Solder
- Cleaning pads, liquid, clothes
- Wire strippers
- 3 reels of wire in red, blue and yellow
- Insulating varnish
- Brushes
- Pens
- Tape
- Tweezers
- Scissors
- Abrasive paper
- Adhesive tape
- Magnifying glass

All the above items come fully labelled for ease of identification.

A comprehensive technical manual is included which gives full instructions on the procedure to adhere strain gauges to the substrate.

A refill kit is also available separately (HAC20R) which enables the core items above to be replaced when required.

Specifications and resources

120ohm gauge resistance
2, 10 and 20mm 'gauge' length
Metal, glass, ceramic applications
-196 to +150°C temperature range
+10 to +100°C temperature compensation range