Product number: H112S

A bench top accessory designed to allow students to experimentally investigate convective, nucleate and film boiling. The unit consists of a high strength clear glass cylinder with instrumented electric heater element immersed in a volatile solvent that boils at low pressure.

An integral water cooled condenser coil allows the chamber pressure to be controlled over a wide range of negative and positive pressures depending upon the local water supply. A digital wattmeter allows students to determine the heat transfer from the heated element and this together with instrumentation on the H112 enables all relevant parameters to be recorded.

An integral control console provides heater power control and high temperature/pressure safety cut outs. The chamber is also fitted with a safety valve.

Specifications and resources

Heating Surface: 42mm effective length x Ø12.7mm
Maximum permitted surface temperature: 220°C
Heater cut out temperature: 160°C
Glass chamber: Ø80 internal x 300mm (L)