Product number: HST3

The experiment hardware provides two end supports; one for completely fixed end, whilst the other giving horizontal travel. Both supports create simple supports (knife edges) and have clamp plates which create fixed ends by restricting the end rotation of the test beam.

The test beams have a single point load applied using the fine screw jack mechanism with integral load cell supplied. The displacement of the test beam within its elastic and plastic regions is measured using a dial gauge and this along with the load cell output connect into the HDA200 Interface (sold separately).

A set of black mild steel beams are supplied with further sets available (HST3a).

Specifications and resources

Black Mild Steel test beams
Beam section: 20mm x 5mm
Beam length: 800mm
Digital Dial Gauge: 12.7mm travel; 0.01mm resolution
Loading Mechanism: 0...500N