Product number: C200/115

The C200 is a conventional bomb calorimeter, with a stirred and highly insulated water vessel. The reaction vessel is machined from corrosion resistant Stainless steel and has a volume of approximately 300ml. The calorimeter allows measurement of heat of combustion of solid and liquid fuels and determination of their calorific value.

The calorimeter is provided with high pressure valves and ignition electrodes together with a firing unit.

Additional essential components supplied; include an electronic digital thermometer (with a resolution of 2 decimal places), pellet press(for powdered fuel), ignition wire, pressure gauge, safety bursting disc and a bottle pressure regulator for safer oxygen charging and a highly accurate set of digital scales.

Specifications and resources

Stainless steel vessel with a capacity of 300ml
Electronic digital thermometer to 2 decimal places
Pellet press
Ignition wire
Pressure gauge
Safety bursting disc
Bottle pressure regulator
Digital scales