Product number: HFC16
The wall mounted apparatus consists of a vertical back board with two 'chain' ties, that connect to a jib. The jib and ties all incorporate direct reading spring balances to measure the internal forces. The jib and ties make a triangulated three dimensional structure.

The bottom of the jib is pivoted to the vertical back board. The 'chain' ties have vertical hooks that can be adjusted vertically and independently.

At the point where the ties and jib join, a Load hanger and weights are suspended to load the system. After loading the jib and ties all have independent adjustment to return them to there pre-loaded state.

Specifications and resources

Vertical back board: 406(W) x 15(W) x 521(H) mm
Jib Scale: 0...60N range, 1N resolution
Tie spring balance: 6kgf range, 0.1kgf resolution
Weights set: 1 x 5N, 2 x 10N
1 x Load hanger