Product number: HST38

A set of eighteen truss members with lengths based on the 3:4:5 triangle enables at least three different three bay cantilever trusses to be built with true pin joints. Two 3:4:5 triangles and a 20.5° top member inclination truss can be created.

Two springing's are supplied at one end of the truss and the fix to one of the vertical sides of the HST1 Universal Frame and Stand (sold separately). The truss joint deflections are measured using a movable dial gauge mounted on a sub-frame attached to each springing. Having common mounts for the truss and dial gauge sub-frame ensures the deflections are truly relative to the truss springing's.

A set of calibrated weights and hanger is supplied for loading the truss.

Specifications and resources

Truss A: 720(L) x 180(H) mm
Truss B: 540(L) x 240(H) mm
Truss C: 720(L)mm x 20.5° top member inclination
Truss member section: 25(H) x 10(W) mm
Digital Dial Gauge: 12.7mm travel; 0.01mm resolution
Weights set: 5 x 20N, 1 x 50N