Product number: H112P
A bench top accessory designed to allow students to experimentally investigate both free (natural) convection and forced convection.

The accessory includes a small, variable velocity wind tunnel with a digital velocity meter and a central aperture. Three plates with integral heaters and temperature sensors are also supplied that are designed to fit in the central aperture in the wind tunnel.

A heated flat plate with surface thermocouple may be directly compared with a similar pinned plate and finned plate also fitted with a surface thermocouple.

In addition to expanding understanding of the heat transfer enhancement from extended surfaces, the pinned and finned plates each have three thermocouples arranged at intervals along a fin and a pin. This allows investigation of the temperature distribution along the extended surfaces.

Specifications and resources

Heat Exchanger Heated Area: 125 x 150mm
Flat Plate Heat Exchanger: Aluminium
Pinned Plate Heat Exchanger: Aluminium; 16 pins x Ø12.7mm
100W Heater mat on all Heat Exchangers
Three thermocouples on Pinned and Finned Plates