Product number: H352E
Heat Pipes are used in many applications in order to transfer heat rapidly from one location to another. When compared with equivalent cross sections of even high conductivity materials, such as copper and silver, heat pipes are many more times effective.

The H352E consists of a heated plate mounted on a plastic carrier designed to fit the H352 duct aperture. The power cable attached to the plate plugs into the H352 Control Console. The plate may be installed in the duct and secured by four plastic fluted nuts.

The plate has an electric heater mat rated at 100W at 70V. The H352 Control Console provides thermostatic protection against overheating. The heater surface temperature is continuously monitored and displayed by the temperature indicator when plugged in to the console.

The plate has a number of deep drilled holes that may be filled with three types of rod; aluminium plugs; heat pipes with finned ends; finned aluminium rods.

Specifications and resources

Plain heat area: 125mm x 150mm
Heat pipes and rods: Ø9.5 x 150(L) mm