Product number: C492/230/B

The Hilton Combustion Laboratory Unit enables students to study many aspects of combustion and Burner operation using burners typical of those used commercially. A Oil burner is fitted as standard. The unit is frame mounted, is fully instrumented and requires only a conventional single phase electrical supply, cooling water and the chosen fuel.

As a purpose built training unit it is designed for supervised student operation by including several safety features. A hand held digital gas analyser supplied allows the O2 content of the flue gas to be determined and this in turn allows calculation of the air /fuel ratio, excess air and combustion efficiency.

For advanced students or research, an optional high specification gas analyser C492D is available that allows investigation of CO, NO and SO2 in addition to the standard analysis.

The unit will be of wide interest to all those concerned with the combustion of fuels and energy conservation, from the burner maintenance technician, to research and test engineers.

Specifications and resources

Frame: Powder coated 25 mm mild steel angle frame with 16 swg shelves.
Chamber: Stainless steel combustion chamber, approximately Ø450 mm ID, Ø500mm OD x 1000 mm long, with four 100 mm quartz glass windows.
Chamber and end plate water cooled, front plate has 80mm thick insulation and burner mounting studs.
Oil Burner: Package burner with integral fan and control box. Pressure jet atomisation. Two interchangeable nozzles of 1.5 and 2.2 US gall/hr (5.1 & 7.57 L/hour) working at 8 to 15 Bar (116 to 200 psi) with 60° spray angle, giving heat rates up to 108kW approx. (depending on fuel).