Product number: HSM58i

All parts of this experiment sit between the compression area of the HSM58 apparatus (not supplied).
The selected springs are compressed using the HSM58 apparatus, and the force and deflection of the springs are displayed using the HSM58 interface, to allow their spring rate to be calculated and compared with actual data.
There are three types of compression springs, each with differing spring rates. 
Two sets of disc springs are supplied. These can be stacked in different orientations (series or parallel) to adjust their spring rate.

Specifications and resources

Compression spring:
ALL 76.2(L) x Ø35.5mm
Spring rates: 24.2N/mm; 29.8N/mm; 21.0N/mm
Material: Music wire

Disc spring:
ALL Ø34mm
1mm thick
1.5mm thick
Material: High quality spring steel