Product number: HPM20

A versatile set of analogue and digital dial gauges, and magnetic holders for use with the UTM MAGNUS (HPM) range.

The digital dial gauges are completely compatible with the HPM15 Data Acquisition System and software, and hence can be used with customer bespoke experiments.

All dial gauges can be attached to the holders using their back plates. The magnetic holders have a front panel switch which when turned energises the holder and allows it to be mounted to many steel objects. The holders have "knuckle" joints which allow fine adjustment of the dial gauge over the measuring point. 

Also supplied are data cables for connecting the digital dial gauges to the HPM15 Data Acquisition System.

To accommodate the type of contact point required for the dial gauges, both ball anvils and flat anvils are supplied.

Specifications and resources

Analogue gauge: 0 to 25mm measuring range, 0.01mm resolution
Digital gauge: 0 to 12.7mm measuring range, 0.01mm resolution
All gauges: Ø58mm
All gauges: back plate with lug for mounting to holder
Holder adjustment range: approx 0…100mm.
Holder height: approx 230mm