Product number: F300B

Two convergent-divergent nozzles of with the same throat diameter but different discharge area and a single convergent nozzle having the same diameter are supplied and fit in the common test section. All three nozzles have axial static pressure tapings allowing the approach, throat and divergent section pressures to be measured. The variation of pressure ratio and mass flow may be investigated for all three nozzles.

Standard unit includes convergent – divergent ducts designed to produce Mach 1.0 at the throat and supersonic velocities downstream.

Instrumentation on the Compressible Flow range F300 base unit and the optional module allow all relevant temperatures, pressures and flow rates to be recorded.

Specifications and resources

1 x Back Pressure Gauge: 0…1100kN/m2
8 x Nozzle Pressure Gauge
2 x Thermocouples