Product number: HST1

The HST1 Universal Frame and Stand offers the ideal working area for a large majority of the experiments within the Structures Range. The frame is also backward compatible with the original steel Hi-Tech frame.
Manufactured from high quality, aluminium profile, it comprises a dual frame, which creates a continuous working “gap” around all four sides of the frame thus allowing the individual experiment components to be interchanged quickly and efficiently.

The internal working dimensions for mounting experiments are 1.22m x 0.76m. Should specimen beams longer than 1.22metres be used, the working “gap” allows the beams to run through the frame and protrude outside the working area. Two cross members are supplied to ensure complete stability of the lower frame when the full height frame is constructed.

The floor-mounting frame can be easily converted to a bench-mounted version when using the bench mounting feet kit supplied as standard. The stand comes fitted with height adjustable tilting feet to enable the frame to be levelled accurately prior to use.

To aid assembly a comprehensive Instruction manual and tools are supplied as standard. An Accessories container is supplied to house all the tools required when assembly is completed, thus keeping everything together.

Specifications and resources

Internal working dimensions: 1.22(L) x 0.76(H) m
Bench Mount feet creating 200-250mm between underside of frame and bench top
Dual Frame design creating working gap of 25mm
Levelling feet: up to 40mm individual range
Weight: 26kg