Product number: S220

The unit is supplied as two complimentary modules. An independently certified electric boiler with safety valve, automatic control system and fail safe pressure switches, provides steam at up to 8 Bar gauge to a solenoid valve. This in conjunction with an optical sensor limits the maximum turbine speed to a safe level. Steam flow to the turbine can be throttled by a hand valve and the boiler, turbine inlet and condenser pressures are indicated on gauges.

The impulse turbine is driven by a convergent divergent nozzle and turns a brake wheel with speed sensor and digital indicator allowing true shaft power to be determined. An optional electrical power generator is also available for demonstration purposes.

The turbine exhausts into a condenser and this passes water to a similar water reservoir. The reservoir connects to a boiler feed pump. Like full size real power plant the condenser operates at sub-atmospheric pressure and the unit incorporates an air extraction system. The boiler feed pump and non-return valves to the boiler complete the full Rankine cycle.

Instrumentation includes all relevant system pressures, system temperatures, and cooling water flow rates, turbine speed and brake load. A combination of digital and analogue displays show the recorded parameters.

Specifications and resources

- Independently certified electric boiler with automatic control
- Pressure switches
- Fail safe pressure cut out and large capacity relief valve
- Single stage, axial flow impulse (De Laval) turbine on a vertical shaft mounted in corrosion resistant sealed ball bearings
- Convergent-divergent nozzle discharges at 20° to plane of turbine rotation
- Rotor has blades with 40° inlet and discharge angles
- Rotor Ø50mm.
- Maximum turbine speed 40,000 rpm Ø50mm
Water cooled Condenser: Condenses turbine exhaust steam allowing heat rejection from the system to be measured.
Feed Water Reservoir: Collects condensate from the condenser for return via the feed pump to the boiler.
Feed Pump: low volume flow pump.
Flow Meters: For condenser cooling water. Allows measurement of heat rejection from the condenser.
Digital Thermometer: 0.1°C resolution, with multi-way selector switch for all relevant temperatures
Pressure gauges: For all relevant system pressures.
Turbine Tachometer: Digital display and over speed cut out.
Turbine brake load: Digital indicator.