Product number: HVT8

A suspended wall bracket supports wire cables for a two wire (Bifilar) or three wire (Trifilar) suspension system. No drill chucks or cumbersome fixing devices are used, so that calculations are straight forward, as is the changing over of the two wire or three wire arrangement.

The bifilar suspension consists of an upper suspension plate and two cables/cords at 50 mm radius. At the bottom end of the cable/cord is a cross bar with a set of holes for attaching the range of test specimens and again holes for the cable/cord set at 50mm radius.

The Trifilar suspension comprises an upper suspension plate with three wires equally spaced on a pitch circle diameter. At the lower end of the cable/cord is the lower suspension plate with a central hole for attaching test specimens and 3 cable/cord holes at 50mm radius.

The moment of inertia and radius of gyration of a heavy body can be found by timing its oscillation using the stopwatch supplied.

The moment of inertia can be adjusted by the addition of a ring and solid cylinder mass to the rectangular bar suspended from the wires.

Specifications and resources

Rectangular Bar: 400(L) x 32(W) x 32(H) mm; 3.5kg
Solid Cylinder: Ø70mm x 100mm long; 6.0kg
Ring: Ø150 O.D x Ø75 i.d x 25.4 thick mm; 3.7kg