Product number: H112G

A small scale bench top accessory designed to allow experimental investigation of unsteady state heat transfer by conduction and convection.
Instrumented solid shapes of different materials are plunged into a controlled temperature water bath and the temperature changes at the geometric centre of the shapes (via thermocouples) are recorded at regular intervals.

As the shapes are of regular geometric form standard empirical methods may be used to predict the temperature variation with time and determine factors about the material properties. The accessory also allows investigation of the lumped thermal capacitance method of thermal analysis.

The controlled temperature water bath has a variable speed circulating pump and central cylindrical flow channel to establish stable forced convection conditions to be maintained around the immersed shapes. All the thermocouples and the variable speed circulating pump power supply plug directly into the Heat Transfer Service Unit H112 and readings are displayed on digital panel meters.

Specifications and resources

Bath capacity approx.: 30 litres
Heating element: 3kW (at 240Vac)
Brass Cylinder: Ø20mm x 100mm (L)
Stainless Steel Cylinder: Ø20mm x 100mm (L)
Brass Cylinder: Ø30mm x 100mm (L)
Brass slab: 70 (L) x 15(W) x 76(H) mm
Stainless Steel: 70 (L) x 15(W) x 76(H) mm
Brass Sphere: Ø45mm
Stainless Sphere: Ø45mm