Product number: HTM66

A bench mounted enclosure contains all the electronics and safety guard for this apparatus. On top is a shaft running in bearings. The shaft can carry up to four balance masses (non-coplanar). Each mass can be easily adjusted for imbalance by its radius, linear and angular position.

Linear and angular scales ensure accurate positioning of each mass. A set of 12 balance masses are provided of varying mass, and each one has a thin alignment slot produced.

During dynamic balancing the shaft is run from a speed controlled motor through a pulley and belt arrangement. The speed of the motor is accurately controlled from the front panel. When static balancing is required the shaft is disengaged from the motor by simply sliding off the belt. To statically balance the shaft and each individual balance mass, the balance moment is measured using precision weights, bearing balls, pulley and cords.



Specifications and resources

Speed controlled motor shaft: 0…1400rpm
Balance mass radius: 30….70mm
Balance masses: 50, 75, 100g
Linear adjustment: scale in millimetres
Angular adjustment: 360°, 1° resolution