Product number: HTM38

A brake disc is mounted vertically into a sturdy frame. A single shaft runs through the brake disc and the wall bracket supports. A cord pulley mounts to the shaft onto which is mounted a cord terminating in a Load hanger.

Two bell crank levers are mounted either side of the brake disc. Through the Load hanger and calibrated weights the force is applied to the brake disc and the parameters of braking force, braking torque, normal force can be assessed. All Load hangers, and calibrated weights are supplied with the apparatus. The rotational angle of movement of the disc wheel can be viewed using the external protractor.

Different brake pad materials can be tested as well as their radial position on the brake disc.

Specifications and resources

Stainless steel disc wheel: Ø210mm x 3mm
Radial positions for brake pad: 20mm intervals
Brake pad: Ø25mm x 6mm max
Brake pad: Brake material, aluminium, brass, nylon
Protractor: 360°, 1° increments
Weights set: 3 x 0.1N, 8 x 0.2N, 3 x 1N, 3 x 2N, 1 x 5N
2 x Load hanger