Product number: HST9

Each beam is simply supported on vertical supports which can be easily moved to create varying beam spans. At the ‘cut’ section, bearings in one beam straddle a vertical bearing track in the mating beam. This ensures free vertical movement for monitoring shear forces. Although beam bending is permitted, it is counteracted by the bearings and a tension spring supported horizontally from underneath the beams.

The force transducer is supplied with a connection lead to connect its output directly into the HDA200 Interface (sold separately). Special Load hangers are provided that fit over the beams. The Load hangers can be positioned accurately along each beams length by using the graduated scales attached to the side of the beams.

Specifications and resources

Beam lengths of 650 and 350mm
Beam cross section: 51 x 38mm
50mm graduations on beams
Weights set: 1 x 2N, 1 x 5N, 2 x 10N