Product number: 809

The vapour compression refrigeration cycle is utilised in many industrial, commercial and domestic situations. Many vocational students when they first leave education will be involved in the servicing and repair of domestic refrigeration systems. It is therefore important that they fully understand the stages of the vapour compression refrigeration cycle and are able to recognise the typical components that are used in domestic refrigeration.

The Hilton refrigeration system – domestic 809 is designed to support the teaching of
- The Refrigeration Cycle
- The basic Principles of Heat Transfer
- The function and application Capillary Refrigerant Flow Controls

The unit can also assist students in understanding the important concepts of:
- Latent Heat and change of state (liquid to gas – gas to liquid)
- The Pressure / Temperature Relationship
- A liquid can boil at a sub zero temperature
- Saturation Temperature
- Superheating
- Sub-cooling

Without this understanding, the student will never progress to the full appreciation of the Refrigeration System, which is necessary to enable correct fault diagnosis.

Focus Model 809, with its open and accessible design, turns theory into practice by showing what actually happens within the system.

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