Product number: H112Q

A bench top accessory designed to allow students to experimentally investigate the performance of a thermoelectric cooler module. A thermoelectric device has no moving parts and uses a direct electrical current to transfer heat from one face of the device to the other.

In the H112Q, the thermoelectric module is held between a heated block and a water cooled plate. The module extracts heat from the block and transfers this, and the input power, to the water cooled plate. An insulated hinged enclosure allows student examination and minimises heat gains/losses from the system.

The module will also act in reverse and generate a small amount of electrical power if one face is maintained at a higher temperature than the other. This can also be demonstrated.

Instrumentation is provided with the unit that allows measurement of the DC power supplied to the module, the temperatures either side of the module, the cooling water flow rate and the cooling water temperature rise. Controllable power for the module and heater is supplied by the H112 Heat Transfer Service Unit.

Specifications and resources

Nominal Peltier Cooling Capacity 82W @ 15V