Product number: F860

A bench mounted unit with a belt driven reciprocating air compressor. The drive motor is mounted in bearings and allows the torque required to drive the compressor to be measured using an integral balance. With the measured torque and motor speed the shaft power required to drive the compressor may be determined. Compressor speed is measured through the fixed pulley ratio between the drive motor and compressor.

Panel mounted meters allow the motor electrical input to be compared to the measured shaft power.

The intake air passes through an orifice for flow measurement to a vessel that reduces intake pulsations and allows various intake conditions to be established.
The intake and delivery pressures are indicated on gauges and all of the relevant system temperatures are recorded by thermocouple sensors connected to multiple selector switches and a digital temperature indicator.

The flow measurement orifice is connected to a panel mounted manometer to allow differential pressure measurement. Air is delivered to a receiver fitted with a high pressure cut out and relief valve for operator safety. A throttle valve allows discharge pressure to be controlled and adjusted.


Specifications and resources

Two Cylinder Compressor
Compressor Dimensions:
Bore: 60mm
Stroke: 24mm
Swept Volume per revolution: 0.135 Litres
Motor Torque Arm Radius: 112mm