Product number: HST13
Two support brackets fix into the HST1 Universal Frame and Stand (not supplied) allowing the support of beams along their length and at different spans. Each support bracket comes supplied with point contacts or clamp plates to enable simply supported, cantilever, propped cantilever and encastre (built in) end conditions. Cantilevers can be created using one of the supports fitted with a clamp supplied.

Three moveable dial gauges, mounted on moveable stands measure beam deflections and slope. Two test beams are supplied in steel. Each beam is supported and then loaded using the beam clamps, hangers and calibrated weights provided. Point and uniformly distributed loads can be applied to the beam using the weights and hangers supplied.

Specifications and resources

Steel Beam 25(W) x 3(H) x 1200(L) mm
Steel Beam 25(W) x 5(H) x 1200(L) mm
Digital Dial Gauge: 12.7mm travel; 0.01mm resolution
Weights set: 10 x 1N, 20 x 2N, 1 x 50N
1 x Load hanger