Product number: HTM90A

The HTM90A comprises a main sensor box which has on the front panel a power switch and two pairs of sockets for sensor power and signal cables. Two acceleration sensors (accelerometers) are provided each with magnetic bases to fix to the pickup points on the main HTM90 unit. The accelerometers are both single axis but can be mounted to analyse vibrations in different orientations to provide a more in depth image of the vibrations and therefore faults within the mechanical system.

This sensor box incorporates a two channel digital oscilloscope, with USB connection to a host computer (Not supplied). The data acquisition software supplied allows the capture, display, storage and retrieval of the excitation frequency and amplitude response from the sensors used on the HTM90 apparatus. Readings are displayed via a live feed on the software, they can be displayed in a number of modes and ranges to best depict and analyses the vibrations in the system.

Specifications and resources

2 x single axis accelerometer sensors with magnetic bases.
Frequency range : up to 10MHz
Powered by USB and 12V power supply