Product number: HB100J

The HB100J is used for the illustration and investigation of Laminar and Turbulent flow with the active flow visible thanks to a dye injection system and a glass bell mouth tube to allow easy viewing of the flow patterns.

The flow rate of the water is controlled via a gate valve on the outlet which allows fine control. Varying the flow rate alters the flow from laminar to turbulent. The flow is created by a tank mounted around the bell mouth entry. The large capacity, even, water entry system in the base of the tank and the design of the bell mouth intake ensures laminar entry conditions into the tube.

A thin tube extends into the inner tube and is connect to a header tank containing dye. When the dye is allowed to flow down this tube and is injected into the water stream it highlights the flow characteristics (aided by a UV tube mounted on the tube). It is then carried away by the flowing water, illustrating clearly the laminar or turbulent nature of the stream.

Specifications and resources

Source header tank: 9.5 litre capacity (approx.)
Dye header tank 100ml capacity with flow adjustment rod
Levelling feet and level indicator supplied
Luminous dye supplied
Non corrosive materials used throughout
UV lamp mounted on glass tube
Thermometer for calculating dynamic viscosity of water