Product number: HTM90G

The HTM9G Belt Drive Module attaches to the HTM90 base unit to simulate a system driven by a drive belt which then enables the students to observe the vibrational affects produced at different speeds and load forces. The module consists of a combined system of a belt drive (attached to base unit output shaft), a magnetic brake module with adjustable strength setting and crank mechanism with adjustable stroke and spring stiffness.

The module creates the vibrations as a function of torque and resistance, this module also allows the stroke, mass balance and load on the crosshead of the crank drive to be adjusted. If required to be tested separately the con-rod can also be disconnected from the drive wheel to allow more specific experiments to be carried out on the belt drive part of the module.

When properly designed, manufactured, and correctly set; belt drives are low-maintenance, low-noise, long-life drive units. It is important that the belt should not vibrate and/or slip. The HTM90G module attaches to the HTM90 base unit and is used to investigate conditions that cause vibration or slip. The effect of disparate elongation on belt drives can be demonstrated by means of an adjustable tensioning roller. The belt drive is a single belt drive with a belt tensioner. A small bored belt pulley and a belt are supplied for connection to the main shaft.

The magnetic brake can increase the loading/ resistance to the HTM90 base unit. The unit shows relations between mechanisms for both the belt drive and crank mechanism, vibration readings can be taken directly off the belt drive module.

Gas pressure forces such as that which occur in compressors or combustion engines can be simulated using springs. Experiments with gas pressure forces require higher torques the spring compression can be easily adjusted as can the stroke length. The crank mechanism attaches to the output shaft on the magnetic brake. The effective connecting rod length can be adjusted as well as the compression of the spring.

Specifications and resources

Belt drive with tensioner unit for the machinery diagnostic system
Belt Drive unit induces vibrations
Adjustable braking torque through magnetic brake
Stroke of crank adjustable: 50 - 100mm
Pressure spring: relaxed length = 170mm spring stiffness approximately 0.55N/mm