Product number: HVT14C

This accessory is essential to run either the HVT14E or the HTV14G modules. This motor control unit can run either of the motor modules for forced displacement within the HVT14 apparatus but only one module should be used at a time in order to obtain reliable results.

The proximity sensor from either of the HVT14E and HVT14G can be connected into the HVT14C, this will allow the display to show the current speed (excitation frequency) that the motor is running at.

There is a BNC output in the rear of the control box which allows the unit to be connected into the sensor box (supplied with the HVT14D). From here the digital oscilloscope can display both channels simultaneously. Therefore the excitation frequency (from the motor) and the resultant spring response frequency (from the LVDT on spring) can be captured, displayed, stored and analysed.

Specifications and resources

For use with the HVT14D DIGITAL SPRING MASS VIBRATION APPARATUS, HVT14E and HVT14G accessory units.