Product number: H102E

The H102E concentric tube heat exchanger demonstrates the basic principles of heat transfer. The H102E is designed for use with the Heat Exchanger Service module H102. Two pairs of concentric tubes are arranged in series in a double U format to reduce the overall length and to provide three mid position measuring points. The heat exchanger is mounted on its own Frame.

In normal operation, hot water passes through the ‘HOT OUT’ braided hose and self-sealing coupling into the inner stainless tube. It then flows through the heat exchanger and leaves. Cold water flows from the ‘COLD OUT’ hose through the annulus between the clear plastic tube and the inner stainless tube. With the hot water in the inner tube, losses from the system to the outside are minimised while still allowing students to see the construction of the unit. As the cold stream warms above the ambient temperature however there will be some external losses.

The midway points of both hot and cold streams are fitted with thermocouples to measure the stream temperatures. Miniature thermocouple plugs take these signals to the temperature indicator.

Specifications and resources

Inner Tube Material: Stainless steel
Inner Tube: Ø12mm Outside diameter
Inner Tube Wall Thickness: 1mm
Outer Tube Material: Clear Acrylic
Outer Tube: Ø22mm Inside Diameter
Outer Tube Wall Thickness: 3mm