Product number: REA11

In countries where solar radiation cannot be relied upon, the Optional Solar Simulator allows the RE540 unit and solar panel to be investigated in detail under controlled conditions. The full equatorial solar heat flux can be simulated with the optional REA11.

The solar simulator consists of 2 banks of 6 x 400W floodlights that are arranged in 2 banks of 6 lamps giving 2 x 2.4kW output. 1 x top bank of 6 lamps (2.4kW), 1 x Lower bank of 6 lamps (2.4kW).

The lamps are supplied by two separate power leads and power circuits. Each circuit has an individual RCCB and switch/circuit breaker. This allows the two power leads to be connected to two separate mains outlets. In most countries a single power outlet in a laboratory is capable of supplying up to 2.4kW, hence the arrangement.

Specifications and resources

2 banks of 6 x 400W floodlights
2.4kW per bank
2 x Power leads
2 x Mains switches
2 x RCCB fitted