Product number: H112

A fully instrumented bench top Heat Transfer Service Unit providing regulated and adjustable AC power for all of the optional modules plus a number of auxiliary power outlets. The unit includes instrumentation that is common to all modules, this being a 12 point digital temperature indicator and digital current and voltage meter. Where appropriate, additional instrumentation is supplied with the various optional modules.

The range of optional modules currently include convection, conduction (steady state and transient),
radiation, perfect gases, thermodynamic properties of fluids and solid materials, enhanced methods of heat transfer, thermoelectric heat transfer, boiling and condensing heat transfer and a closed cycle heat engine. However the range is continuously being expanded.

Internal electronic and mechanical safety devices to allow for unsupervised operation by students. Optional data acquisition is available for attachment to this unit.

The optional modules include:

Specifications and resources

Coated Steel Console
0…240Vac, 2A supply
8A Miniature circuit Breaker (MCB)
12 temperature inputs
0…999.9°C, 0.1°C resolution
Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)