Product number: HTM90E

This optional module (at extra cost) to the HTM90 base unit is designed to show and analyse faults that can occur with a shaft in a rotating system. This vibration apparatus is designed to show how to diagnose problems and to identify the differences between various types of fault.

This equipment requires rearrangement of the HTM90 base unit setup and also an understanding of the HTM90A vibration analysis module. This elastic shaft module comprises an extra shaft of a different material (Aluminium) and two rotor weights. These are used with the base unit to demonstrate how a loaded shaft with a weight added to the setup can produce vibrations and degrade the performance of a unit.

The experiment can be expanded to include variations of the distances the weights are placed along the shaft and the use of other rotors to simulate other exaggerated faults on the various shafts, such as eccentric masses. Other materials of shaft could be used in the set-up to allow for comparison perhaps. 

Specifications and resources

1 x Aluminium shaft: length: 381mm (15”) and nominal length between bearings 250mm
Aluminium shaft: dia 12.7mm
Two weight discs, able to be adjusted along length of shaft
8 x Grub screws (installed in rotors)