Product number: HB100F

This Hydraulics Bench module allows students to determine the static thrust exerted by a fluid on a submerged surface and compare actual results with theoretical.

Based around a water tight transparent rectangular tank, mounted on levelling feet, a sealed quadrant is suspended below a horizontal balance arm which pivots on a knife edge which coincides with the centre of radius of the quadrant. This ensures that only the force on the rectangular end face of the quadrant gives rise to a moment about the knife edges when the quadrant is immersed.

The knife edge is mounted onto the rim of the tank, and integral to the balance arm is a movable balance mass which can be rotated into position to ensure equilibrium. At the other end of the balance arm is a suspended load hanger onto which calibrated weights can be added. Scales on the side of the float allow the monitoring and recording of the immersion depth.

This module does not require the HB100 Hydraulics Bench. Although the water from the HB100 can be used to fill the tank of the HB100F. To release water and change the water height, water can be drained back into the HB100 by using the tap on the side of tank, thus keeping a closed system.

Specifications and resources

Tank capacity: 6 litres (approximately)
Counterbalance mass: 560g
Quadrant: 180mm outer radius x 75mm wide
3 levelling feet and level indicator
Calibrated weights and hanger 1N x 2, 0.1N x 10
1000ml Beaker
Drain tap