Product number: HVT12A

This experimental module fits into the HVT12F Vibrations Frame (not supplied) making up part of the HVT12 Universal Vibration Apparatus.

This module is designed to teach students about simple and compound pendulums. The compound pendulum consists of a 1m long bar with a sliding mass. The bar can be suspended in a variety of positions along its length using the integral suspension holes. A frame-mounted knife-edge is provided for mounting both pendulum types.
The compound pendulum can be used to test the effective length of a simple pendulum. These results can then be compared against the actual simple pendulum.

Bifilar/Trifilar apparatus consists of an upper and lower suspension plate for both the Bifilar (two wires) and Trifilar (three wire) joined using flexible cables or cord. Onto the lower suspension plate is attached the 3 different steel specimens. Each arrangement oscillates and timed using the stopwatch provided.

Specifications and resources

Compound Pendulum:
Pendulum Bar: 928(L) x 25(W)mm; Seven(7) suspension holes
Pendulum Bob Slotted: Ø60 x 25(t)mm
Pendulum Bob: Ø28 x 31(L)mm

Rectangular Bar: 400(L) x 32(W) x 32(H)mm; 3.1kg (approx)
Solid Cylinder: Ø100 x 70(L)mm; 3.0kg (approx)
Ring: Ø152 O.D x Ø75 I.D x 25(t)mm; 2.7kg (approx)